9 September 2015 to 12 September 2015

SIGNAL aims to be a moment of poetic mutation of the City, thanks to a program of art works specially conceived or thought for Brussels, momentarily interrogating and transforming urban fabric - artworks being primarily destined to users and inhabitants of the City.

After the City of Brussels in 2014, the program in public space this year will be mainly centered on Saint-Gilles, reflecting questions at stake during our Summer Univesrity through Urban interventions by Belgian and international artists.

Among artists invited: Foradelugar (ES), Stephan Goldrajch (BE), Anne Thuot (BE), Val Smith (NZ), Adèle Jacot et David Zagari (BE)...

SIGNAL will also reveal the result of the project "Géographie Subjective" led by Catherine Jourdan with inhabitants of Saint-Gilles. Following workshops led in May and June 2015, the subjective map of the Commune of Saint-Gilles will be revealed at the Opening which will take place on Friday 11 September at Centre Culturel Jacques Franck.

"Blind Walk" - Stephan Goldrajch

Wednesday 9.09 - 14 > 20h
Blind Walk
Stephan Goldrajch (BE)
Free access, one person at a time
10-20 min
Maison des aveugles

For SIGNAL, Stephan Goldrajch invests Maison des Aveugles at Porte de Hal and offers the audience to put themselves in the shoes of a blind by wearing a mask hiding their sight. The audience is accompanied by residents of the place, they will take them around, blindly, in the scented garden of the Institute. An intimate experience involving a blind trust in the person that leads us and that we will never see.

han Goldrajch is a visual artist, his approach is embodied through different techniques (crochet, weaving, embroidery, ...) all based on the imperative of the link.
Trained at the Académie des Beaux-Arts and graduated from La Cambre sculpture department, Stephan Goldrajch has been exhibiting his work in several places such as the Haïfa Museum in Tel Aviv, the Musée d’Ixelles and ‘The Invisible Dog’ in New-York. His approach includes different techniques and lies on the imperative of the link. He makes masks, embroidery, installations, drawings, legends… Sometimes the objects get embodied and lead to performances, encounters.


Project realised with the support of the Société Royale de Philantrophie.

"Lydia Richardson, Under the Bridge" - Anne Thuot

Thursday  - 17:30:
Lydia Richardson, Under the Bridge
Anne Thuot (BE)
45-60 min
Parc Pierre Paulus
(+ Saturday 12.09 - 14h30)

Anne Thuot is a neighbour of Gare du Midi. For months, she has been observing regular users/inhabitants, but nevertheless "homeless" people, who settled or even installed their "homes" under the covered street where the tram station is located.

Anne Thuot is interested to explore how to transfer bourgois holdings to the poverty of Gare du Midi. In order to do this, she will infiltrate the station with an invented character, Lydia Richardson. This long process work will be filmed, photographed and documented. For Signal, Anne Thuot will share the experience of this infiltration through a conference / performance at Maison Pelgrim.

Anne Thuot is graduated from INSAS in Brussels, from the Theatre Direction department. She is lectures at INSAS since 2011. She has worked as an actress with the theatre group Dito'Dito in Brussels, the youth theatre Bronks, Transquinquennal, Hans Van Den Broeck and recently with Jérome Bel. With Cedric Lenoir, she created the performance toi&moi (nous sommes occupés) and with Diane Fourdrignier Looking for the "putes mecs".  She also took part to late group Toc at its creation and directed several performances of the group: moi, Michèle Mercier, 52 ans, morte et La Fontaine au sacrifice, by Marie Henry, Mon bras (mobile) by Tim Crouch. Since then, she directed several youth performances, Histoires pour faire des cauchemars, by Etienne Lepage and Wild with texts by Mylène Lauzon, Antoine Pickels and Sarah Vanhee. She also directed the project J'ai enduré vos discours et j'ai l'oreille en feu, a collective writing in collaboration with Caroline Lamarche. 

"Géographie Subjective"

Friday 11.09 - 17h
Géographie Subjective

Centre Culturel Jacques Franck



SIGNAL will also reveal the result of the project "Géographie Subjective" in Saint-Gilles led by Catherine Jourdan with inhabitants of Saint-Gilles.

A "subjective" map is a map created by a group of inhabitants of a specific territory. It is then printed and made public in communciation spaces of the City. 

Catherine Jourdan, psychologist and documentary artist, has been leading this project for several years: the cartographic documentary. It's name? Subjective Geography. Almost a tautology, but let's not get into the debate as we could look for a long time for an objectively said card... It is therefore about giving its heyday to a sensitive geography, perfectly accurate or inaccurate, truancy, personal as well as collective, and make it public through a map.

This map represents a group's vision of its own territory, of the city at a given time. It is not based on actual data (such as distance, arrangement and social function of a territory ...) but rather on the impressions of inhabitants.
Snapshot of the city, the subjective map is a pretext to tell others about its neighborhoud, its territory, its paths. Speaking about the self and the other, the map tells and imagines a singular way to live a territory together.
This is about highlighting a sensitive geography, perfectly accurate or inaccurate, independent, personal and collective, and make it public through a map which will then be printed and made public in the city communication spaces.

Following workshops led in May and June 2015, the subjective map of the Commune of Saint-Gilles will be revealed at the Opening which will take place on Friday 11 September at Centre Culturel Jacques Franck.

Catherine Jourdan
After a master of philosophy at the University of Paris X Nanterre in 2002 and a short teaching time, Catherine Jourdan moved towards artistic practice. Sculpture, installation, video, performance... to invent trajectories. The last artistic project she has been leading since 2009 is called “Géographie Subjective” (Subjective Geography). Cahterine Jourdan also works as a psychologist, she shares her time between clinical listening and documentary practice.


"Géographie Subjective" is a project put in place by Cifas in collaboration with Centre Culturel Jacques Franck, PAC, CPAS of Saint-Gilles and Rencontres saint-gilloises.
With the support of Cocof.
With the help of Service de la Culture of Saint-Gilles.

"Là Nous" - Aurélien Nadaud

Saturday 12.09 - 10h>13h + 14h>17h
La Nous
Aurélien Nadaud (FR)

Visual, poetic, performative, participative Installation
Place Marie Jansons ("Carré de Moscou")

Aurélien Nadaud mixes art and everyday life by sharing slices of life in public space. He talks about the relationship between places, objects, stories and people, he makes them speak, share and resonate with each other. Aurélien Nadaud offers alternatives to enchant daily life. He goes out to discover new territories, its people and himself. He makes speaking, body and plastic installations, materials sensitive to his proposals of liberative, participatory, jubilant and common creativity. A space to meet the "We" and the "Play". There is an aesthetic, conceptual, political, spiritual, cultural, social and important artistic dimension in his proposals. Participation and audience interaction is at the core of his work. To meet, discuss, share, play, act, invent here and now a way to live together and pragmatic emancipatory alternatives.

Aurélien Nadaud develops his actions in connection with the singularity of a place and its people. A site-specific process from A to Z. Identification, installation, performance, meeting participation, collecting. He makes his interventions during the day, surrounded by the users, these interventions range from the intimate to the monumental, and may be impromptu or scheduled.



"Parking (Île de Hal)" - Adèle Jacot / David Zagari (BE)

Saturday 12.09 - 13h>17h
Parking (Île de Hal)
Adèle Jacot and David Zagari (BE)

Continuous Performance 
Parc de la Porte de Hal

For four hours, three performers trace lines with a machine for football fields, disrupting the organisation of the parc. A new map superimposed on reality, the white chalk emphasizing informal uses of the space and reinterpreting lawns, paths and fences. The parc becomes a self-sufficient island, an imaginary city, where inhabitants live for 30 min, 2 hours, 12 hours, one night or a few days.

An island with its own neighbourhoods, its main square, its croisette, hotels, bars, … This performance is based on about 20 interviews made with regular visitors, of which some extracts will be presented onsite.

Adèle Jacot is a contextual artist and urban planner. Somewhere between urban space and the social space of expression, she mainly works on participative installations and edition, such as a book of photography and thoughts on citizen engagement “Je veux des quartiers” she co-conceived.

David Zagari is a performer. Using dialog as central medium, his work is based upon collaboration. His contemporary dancer career led him to question the frames of (re)presentation and identity. His work evolves mainly in the city through different participative installations, performances....

"Puzzlographie" - Aigner / Barakat / Grimmer / Quackels / Vilardo (BE)

Participative walk
Free access, continuously

Puzzlographie is an invitation to live and discover our city, our neighbourhood in a different way. How to inhabit our environment with our emotions while letting the possibillity to be suprised out of our routines?

During one afternoon, offer yourself an original visit of Saint-Gilles, take part and observe urban situations with a new eye: sensory ballads, treasure hunt, automatic writing… Follow the puzzle’s instructions.

PIck up the pieces of the puzzle at CC Jacques Franck from 13h to 17h. 

Florence Aigner is a photographer and sound creator, Patricia Barakat is a theater director and performer, Marilyne Grimmer is a stage designer and visual artist, Liv Quackels is a graphic designer and Sara Vilardo is a performer. Five artists from Saint-Gilles who met during the project “Géographie Subjective”. For SIGNAL, they joined their artistic practices and visions of the commune under the shape of a game; “Puzzlographie”. 

"Le roi Gaspard" - Foradelugar

Samedi 12.09 - 13h, 16, 19h
Le roi Gaspard
Foradelugar (ES/MX)
Walking Performance
Limited number of spectators
Upon reservation
Meeting Point Place de Bethléem
50 min



A fake King Gaspar walks around the city. He walks with in a wandering and slow step. We don’t know where he came from, neither who  he is, but what we do know is that he doesn’t belong here. And so, we follow him…

King Gaspar –inspired on the character of catalan writer Gabriel Janer Manila– is a mix between itinerant and site-specific show. A multi-disciplinary proposal that turns spectator to voyeur, to accomplice and friend of this strange character. An emotional and intimate journey.

Foradelugar is a company that works almost exclusively in unconventional spaces with multidisciplinary resources. Their practice questions the audience and its context. Far from conventional and rigid forms of theatre, they conceive spaces where they work differently in order to include and engage physical and human territory of the places where they are. Their projects can be participative and leave an important space to imagination for those taking part in it.



"Gutter Matters" - val smith (NZ)

Saturday 12.09 - 17h
Gutter Matters
val smith (NZ)

Durative and walking Performance
90 min
Parvis de Saint-Gilles



Gutter matters is a protest, a dance, and an inventory of gutter-behaviours.

It is a kind of "shame protest" where a character is followed by assistants who pick up trash left upon a trail, crawling litterally the nose in the "gutters", inviting the passersby to join to listen to the entrails of the City.

This upside down Gay Pride ends with a "party" where passerby can join the performer for short ridiculous and pathetic celebration. 

val smith is a choreographic artist based in New Zealand whose work maps the socio-political body through somatics and improvisation. Their practice involves experimentations with perception, affect and performance engagement, and is intrinsically connected to feminist and queer theory. Producing collaborative and solo performance works for various contexts, val smith aims to create critical and socially engaged environments for performance attendees. 

General Program
Gratuit / Free of charge
Accessible à toutes et tous / Accessible to all
Saint-Gilles 1060 Bruxelles

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