23 May 2022 to 26 May 2022
Dans les rues de Bruxelles & Kaaistudio

For CIFAS and Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Japanese artist Akira Takayama invites food deliverers to create unexpected rap performances in the city.

During the pandemic, food delivery services have seen far more demand as people, those having the possibility of quarantining, sought ways to have the outside world brought to their homes.

Japanese artist Akira Takayama infiltrates the city in collaboration with the people who deliver this food. In their daily lives these modern flex-workers, many in particularly precarious circumstances, are often not considered. Their flashy uniforms and company logos are highly visible, yet their working and living situations remain unseen by most of society.

As some of them have a hip hop background, Takayama invited them to create rap performances. In sharing their poetry and lyrics on the working conditions, they come to affirm a new kind of connection between delivery person and customer.

For one week the Kaaistudio’s becomes a base and rallying point for their work with the artist. As a result, their poems and songs are not only disseminated in the city, but in this new space where the attention contrasts with the fleeting reality of the outside world.

Schedule and tickets

Unannounced and free performances in the city.

To attend the performances in the Kaaistudio: tickets on the Kunstenfestivaldesarts website.

Monday 23.05 | 19:30

Tuesday 24.05 | 19:30

Wednesday 25.05 | 18:30

Thursday 26.05 | 19:30

French, English, Dutch
⧖ ±45min
€10 / €7
Accessible for wheelchair users. Arrival with wheelchair to be confirmed when booking online or via the KFDA box office.


Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kaaitheater
Concept, direction: Akira Takayama
Riders, performers: tbc
Production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts
Coproduction: CIFAS

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