16 August 2014 to 27 August 2014
La Bellone
"Lulu Project"

The Slovenian collective Ljud will be at Cifas this summer to lead the "Lulu Project", an urban intervention, participative and crowd-sourcing workshop.

Most of us own a digital camera. Photography is the most widespread creative activity in the world today. Even people who don't have a semi-professional camera use their mobile phones to capture moments of their life and transform them into small digital works of art.

But a question arises:

Are these new technologies helping us to be more creative, sharing our creativity to a wider audience, or do they in fact make us more distanced and passive (just documenting reality instead of actually living it)?

You will probably answer: both, depending on the situation. Right. Just think about it, whenever something unusual happens in the street, what is the first thing most people do? They get their phone in order to record the moment. Obviously they are interested but at the same time they jump into the "safety" of "documentary mode". The little screen often becomes a filter/wall separating us from the reality of the situation.

Can we overcome this? Can this be the starting point for a new kind of making art together? Can we supply content that people can develop with their cameras and then share with others? Can we invent a crowd-sourced interactive photography project?

The goal of our workshop is to explore and develop specific activities, games and situations which transform people in the street from passive recorders into active co-creators of artistic content. We already have some ideas, starting concepts and principles that we would like to try, but we are also extremely interested in thinking up completely new ideas together with you and testing them on the streets of Brussels.

We are looking for participants who are enthusiastic about working in the public space and interacting with unknown passersby (an interest in photography might also be helpful).

Performers, artist from all backgrounds, photographers are invited to join us in playing with a new form of artistic expression.


LJUD is a collective of idealists from very different backgrounds who have gathered to change the world through the medium of art. We believe in theatre as a “living” phenomenon that must be in direct contact with the present times.

Playing with the “fourth wall” between the actor and the audience is vital for the group in order to establish theatre performance as a gamea ritual and a social event.

We are currently focused on performing in public spaces, combining different media, genres and techniques, but you can also find us making music, films, writing, DJ-ing, gardening, playing chess and practicing levitation.



Cifas (suite...) offers contemporary artists to illustrate its communication.

Florian Huet illustrated the workshop "Lulu Project".

Florian Huet was born in 1989 in France.
He is the author of comics and works as an an illustrator.
He is also one of the founder members of Editions Polystyrène.
Alongside, he auto-edits strange punched folders via a structure calle "La Poinçonneuse". 
His drawings and stories are often motivated by the desire to catch what the images are and do.

100 euros (lunch included)
Applications before 30.07.2014
Actors, performers, street artists, photographers... (15 max)
La Bellone
46 rue de Flandre
1000 Bruxelles
16.08 > 27.08.2014
10 - 18 pm

If you do not receive an email confirming we have received your application, please contact Cifas: