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Call for tenders for a new General and Artistic Direction of the International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts - CIFAS, for a 5-year mandate, possibly renewable.

After 10 years of initiating and supporting CIFAS activities, programming and implementing  dozens of artistic workshops, organising symposiums around multiple artistic and social issues as well as academies for the exchange of cultural practices and knowledge, questioning the contribution of artistic processes to urban policy issues, publishing reviews and artistic objects, it is time to hand over the reins to enable the CIFAS project to reinvent itself and address new artistic challenges that are on the horizon in this period of health and climatic disruption.

CIFAS is therefore launching a call to all persons (individuals or legal entities) or groups interested by artistic and training issues, who wish to develop a project in line with the structure’s statutory objectives described further.


Cifas - International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts is an nonprofit association that has been active for nearly 40 years in the field of artistic training and continuing education.

On one hand, Cifas is aimed at professionals working in the cultural and artistic field of the performing arts.

By active professionals we mean :

  • Artists, performers and creators, in the fields of audiovisual arts, visual arts, music, literature, performing arts, including theatre, dance, performance, storytelling, circus and street arts;
  • The administrative, production and public relations managers working for structures handling performing arts.
  • Technical and construction teams.

On the other hand, Cifas is addressed to local audiences considered fragile or excluded from the art world because of their gender, origins or social conditions, and more globally to all users of the city; inhabitants, activists, merchants, who wish to carry out an urban diagnosis with artistic tools.

Resource centre
Cifas is also a resource centre about artistic and political strategies in the city.

Cifas recognises itself and adheres to the values of respect, democracy, humanism and solidarity defended by the Brussels French-speaking Government, whose work programme for the 2019-2024 legislative period is detailed in the Declaration of general policy common to the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region and the Joint Board of the Common Community Commission;

Cifas intends to develop participation in the cultural and artistic life for all, and to promote cultural diversity;

Cifas pays a partiular attention to people who are marginalised or vulnerable in cultural and artistic terms;

Cifas places its reflections within the philosophical framework of Cultural Studies, particularly feminist and anti-colonial theories;

Cifas aims at giving efficiency to cultural rights, contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and defined in the Fribourg Declaration (2007);

Cifas supports the objectives of the Cultural Plan for Brussels.

In order to achieve its objectives, Cifas has developped various actions in recent years, including :

  • Training workshops for professional artists and continuing education for adults;
  • Meetings, symposiums and conferences on various artistic and social themes such as Art Facing Terror, Art and Care, The Imaginaries of Ecology, Migration, Emotions, etc.
  • Creative and/or participatory projects in the public space;
  • Artists' publications;
  • International cooperation on artistic projects (Creative Europe and Erasmus+ programmes).
  • Active collaborations with various festivals, including the Free School of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts ;
  • Creation and production of artworks.

This list is not exhaustive.
Applications may draw inspiration from these actions and/or propose new ones.

Cifas is subsidised by the Brussels French-speaking Public Service - Culture budget, to the amount of €168,000 per year, and benefits from an ACS job and one-off revenues.

Cifas is part of the In Situ network, a platform for artistic creation in public space, and the RAB/BKO in Brussels.

Cifas is currently located at La Bellone - Maison du spectacle - rue de Flandre, 46 - 1000 Brussels.


Permanent team

  • Charlotte David - Coordination - 4/5 time
  • Mathilde Florica - Production - 3/5 time
  • Céline Estenne - Publications - 1/5 time


The general Direction of Cifas requests artistic and administrative skills.

In collaboration with the permanent team and among other things, it is in charge of:

On the artistic side:

  • Designing, implementing, coordinating, developing, monitoring and evaluating artistic and training projects, in accordance with the guidelines set out in the convention in place, the statutes and the social object of the association ;
  • Establishing and supervising communication and promotion strategies for activities in order to increase their visibility, as well as the development of cultural mediation ;
  • Developping professional institutional networks, at regional and international levels ;
  • Exploring partnerships and external collaborations, at regional, national and international levels.

On the administrative side:

  • Organising and animating management bodies (General Assembly, Board of Directors, Steering Committee)
  • Relations with the subsidising authorities (including the management of grant applications or requests for support, in liaison with the team and members of the association) ;
  • Elaborating and managing budgets;
  • Managing human resources;
  • Managing public relations and representation of the association;
  • Drawing up activity and management reports;
  • Controlling accounts;


The selection will take place in two rounds and will be steered by the Cifas Administration Board, in collaboration with an independent reading committee.

The first and second round applications will be examined by an independent reading committee, which will organise a regular exchange with the Administration Board.

At the end of the second round, the reading committee will propose at least three, maximum six applications to the Board, which will decide on the most convincing dossier and will appoint the new Direction, in dialogue with the Culture Cabinet of the Brussels French-speaking Public Service.

First round
The first round of applications is open until 15 February 2021.

The application file should consist of the following elements (in French):

  • A letter of motivation
  • A presentation of the professionnal history, including the Curriculum Vitae of the candidate(s) who will be carrying out the project.
  • A general note of intent 2021-2025 describing in a maximum of 5,000 characters (including spaces) the main orientations to be developped.Applications must be sent by 15 February 2021 at the latest, by email to

Applicants selected for the second round will be informed by the Presidency of the reading committee. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed by simple e-mail.

In order to help with the drafting of their application, the activity reports of the last years are available on Cifas here (in French).

Applicants that wish to remain anonymous must expressly mention this in the letter accompanying the project.

Second round
Among the applications received in the first round, and depending on their relevance, a maximum of six projects will be selected for the second round.

The application file for the second round must include the following elements (in French):

  • A general presentation letter
  • A detailed plan of activities covering at least two years of operation. The document of maximum 20,000 characters may be accompanied by annexes and illustrations.
  • A financial plan for the years 2022 and 2023.

In order to complete this file, candidates will have access to the necessary official documents, including the statutes of the association, the four-year convention currently in progress with the SPFB, 2018 and 2019 financial reports, the composition of the team, the organisation chart and working regulations.

They will have one month to complete this dossier and will get a grant of €1,000.

The financial plan must detail the remuneration of the general and artistic Direction. Currently, this remuneration is calculated on a part-time basis equivalent to a part-time shift (25%).

Applications for the second round must be sent by 30 March 2021 at the latest, by email, to

Once the applications have been submitted, the reading committee reserves the right to audition the candidates.

The reading committee will send its proposals to the Administration Board by 30 April 2021 at the latest.
The decisions of the Board concerning this call for tenders are sovereign and may only be appealed to the administrative Courts in the cases provided by law.

Planning of the selection
December 2020 Call for applications
15 February 2021 Submission of applications - 1st round
1 March 2021 Selection of applications - 2nd round
30 March 2021 Submission of applications 2nd round
April 30, 2021 Final selection by the Administration Board
1 July 2021 Official entry


The selection of candidates will be made by a reading committee independent of the association's management bodies.

The reading committee is composed of the following persons:

  • Raphaël Sentjens, Chairman of the Administration Board of Cifas, representative of Ecolo, Director of Compagnie Clair de Plume ;
  • Valérie Cordy, member of the Administration Board, representing the cultural world, Director of Fabrique de Théâtre ;
  • Cécile Vainsel, Director of the Administration for Cultural and Socio-Cultural Affairs, Sport and Social Tourism of the Brussels French-speaking Public Service;
  • Charlotte David, Coordinator of Cifas, representing the permanent staff of Cifas ;
  • Pascal Lebrun-Cordier, Head of the Master's Degree in Cultural Projects in the Public Space (University Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), coordinator of the Villes in Vivo network ;
  • Peggy Pierrot, lecturer at the ERG in Media and Communication Theory.

The reading committee determines its own mode of operation.


For any further information on this call for tender, you can email Charlotte David, Cifas coordinator, at